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Performing Arts Grant Opportunity & Offer: Live Arts Boston

Live Arts Boston (LAB) is a grant offered by The Boston Foundation (TBF) with the support of the Barr Foundation, two major foundational supporters of the arts in Boston. From the LAB website, “The Boston Foundation believes that investing in local artists to test new ideas adds depth and diversity to our cultural landscape.” Applications for LAB are open now through November 7th, 2018.

Now in its third year, TBF is offering up to $15,000 to individual artists or arts organizations in project-specific funds to create, produce, or present creative work. Not only will grantees be awarded funding, they will also receive support for project documentation, mentorship, networking opportunities with peers, and professional development.

Eva Rosenberg, a consultant for LAB, says when applying for grant money, it is important to know that you or your organization meet the requirements of the grant, match the funding priorities of the grant that year, and find a grant that reflects the priorities of your work (don’t try to create work that fits with a grant, but doesn’t reflect what you do). LAB funding will support work in the following art disciplines: dance, theater, music, opera, spoken word, performance art, circus arts, traditional and folk performing arts, and any multi-disciplinary combination of those already mentioned.

The funding priorities for this year’s grantees are:

  • Artistic excellence, ambition, and rigor

  • Projects that push the boundaries of the medium(s) in their form and/or content, innovating and taking risks

  • Projects with high potential for growth and visibility of Greater Boston area artists

  • Projects led by and uplifting the artistry and voices of people of color, immigrants and new Americans

  • Projects centered on art forms that have had less representation, visibility, and support in Greater Boston

  • Timely and compelling projects

You can read the LAB complete Guidelines and FAQ for more information.

STL GLD, performing at BAMS Fest 2018 - Photo copyright: Kelly Davdson Studio

Does this sound like you or your organization? Do you want to create something that would push the boundaries of your medium? Are you a person of color or immigrant or does your work uplift these folx and their artistry? Are you also thinking - “Man, I don’t have time to fill out a grant application./I don’t know where to start!”? I can help.

After reading the LAB guidelines, if you think you meet the criteria of the grant, have a creative idea that meets the funding priorities, and want help applying - contact me with the subject “LAB Grant Application.” I’m offering to write an LAB application for two artists, musicians, or arts organizations who fit the LAB guidelines at no cost if you aren’t awarded the grant. Book a time to chat with me about your creative idea to see if you’re a good match!

If you’re looking to apply to the LAB on your own, make sure to read the website thoroughly, sign up for an information session, and ask for feedback and guidance from friends, patrons, and TBF staff when possible.

- Kate (Lynn)

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