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When You're Not Sure What to Do, Make a Website

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

My name is Kate. Not Kathryn, not Katie. Just Kate. My website is because my middle name is Lynn (my parents thought they were clever) and because was taken by my Los Angeles-based, local comedian/actress name twin.

I live in Boston, Massachusetts and work in arts administration. Arts administration involves having and demonstrating "awareness of and a critical approach to the discipline [of arts management], by studying arts policy and practice, audience development, fundraising, arts education, cultural tourism, regeneration through arts, arts diversity and social inclusion, copyright and the role of the arts in relations and diplomacy as well as national and cultural identity." At least that's what the website of my graduate program in arts administration & cultural policy says it is.

I definitely did learn a lot about all of those things in my cultural policy education. But working in marketing for a performance tour company doesn't really make me feel like I'm putting to use the information I've learned and the skills I've honed over the last seven years.

So, I made a website.

The purpose of this site is for me to put my skills of arts administration to use. I'm going to highlight projects I'm working on and lift up resources and opportunities for creative folks living in Boston. On my blog, I'll share my thoughts on the arts and how they intersect with a range of topics including politics, racial equity, queer identity, relationships, activism, cultural policy, living in Boston, and more. Art isn't created in a box. How we interpret and what we value in the arts is impacted by who we are. I bring my views of interconnectedness, identity, and ethics to my work and writing.

I'm also new to Boston and I hope that this endeavor helps me learn more about the amazing creative work being created by organizations and talented folks in the city. Do you want help bringing your creative vision to life? Get in touch and we can brainstorm how to make the creative thing you want to happen, happen.

I made this website to learn from the creative makers around me and to use my skills to help them bring their ideas to life.

I guess I do know what I want to do.

- Kate (Lynn)

P.S. - First amazing resource for creative folks and arts organizations to check out, Candelaria Silva-Collins' website. Her blog post "Get an Effin' Website" was the true inspiration for this endeavor.

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