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Arts administrator, musician, policy wonk, change maker.

My Why

I believe that the arts, music, and creative work provides space for individuals to form meaningful relationships with one another, contribute to vibrant communities, bring joy to life, and allow individuals to express themselves. Everyone should be able to enjoy, participate in, and benefit from the immense light that the arts can bring to our lives.

Hi, I’m Kate. I’m an arts administrator living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m also a lot of other things - a runner, a queer person, an arts advocate, a vegan, a voter, an activist, and so much more. I believe that everything we are affects and reflects everything we do. Art, music, theater, and other creative endeavors are no exception. The arts are not a luxury, they are vital to our communities, the way in which we understand complex issues, our economies, and our well-being. I bring this holistic view to the work I do as an arts administrator and as a creator.

My Work

I am a writer, a project manager, a musician, and a change maker. I utilize my skills and experience as an arts administrator to help successfully bring creative endeavors to life. I draw on my musical skills to express myself and to connect with others through the arts.

Read more about my projects and services. You can also check out my resume here. And subscribe to my blog for my musings, resources for creative folks, and updates about projects.

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